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[libc++] Fixes std::to_chars for bases != 10.

Authored by Mordante on Apr 18 2021, 5:30 AM.



While working on D70631, Microsoft's unit tests discovered an issue.
Our std::to_chars implementation for bases != 10 uses the range
[first,last) as temporary buffer. This violates the contract for
to_chars_result to_chars(char* first, char* last, see below value, int base = 10);
"If the member ec of the return value is such that the value is equal to
the value of a value-initialized errc, the conversion was successful and
the member ptr is the one-past-the-end pointer of the characters

Our implementation modifies the range [member ptr, last), which causes
Microsoft's test to fail. Their test verifies the buffer
[member ptr, last) is unchanged. (The test is only done when the
conversion is successful.)

While looking at the code I noticed the performance for bases != 10 also
is suboptimal. This is tracked in D97705.

This patch fixes the issue and adds a benchmark. This benchmark will be
used as baseline for D97705.

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Fixes signed vs unsigned compiler warnings.

Friendly ping.

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LGTM % nits. You probably want to ping Louis (or whoever) by name, though.


Break line after int.
Also, it'd be nice to use the same 4-space indents in these two new functions as are used everywhere else in the file.


Nit: I'd have named these __base2, __base3, __base4 and expressed __base4 as __base2 * __base2.


IIUC, __diff is __cap and __width is __n? I think you should do the renaming.


Might be even better to initialize with
for (int i=0; i < sizeof(buf); ++i) buf[i] = i+1;
and check with
for (int i=0; i < sizeof(buf); ++i) assert(buf[i] < r.ptr || buf[i] == i+1);
or something along those lines (I didn't think too hard about it), to verify that we're not even replacing part of the buffer with some shuffled other part of the buffer, or memsetting the buffer to buf[0], or anything dumb like that.
I can't think of any plausible mechanism that would cause such a bug, though, so maybe this doesn't matter.

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Thanks for the review!


This is what clang-format makes of it. IMO if we don't like the style we should change our clang-format settings.


Renamed to __base_x.


Copy-paste programming ;-) Renamed them.


I also can't think of a plausible reason. However the change is trivial so I've changed it.

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Addresses review comments.

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Send it. Thanks!

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