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[GlobalISel][TableGen] Add BitsPerByte value

Authored by ehjogab on Dec 28 2020, 6:44 AM.



In some targets, the smallest addressable unit does not consist of 8
bits. For such targets, the matcher code for G_SEXTLOAD and G_ZEXTLOAD
is incorrect and never yield a match. This patch addresses this problem
by introducing a new value BitsPerByte, thereby allowing the 8-bit
assumption to be removed from TableGen.

Change-Id: Ic6a3e6976a960c8ef65b4a7dbb065b2529d07dd9

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Could you fix the English in the comment above?

I should know, but which getSizeInBits() is this calling? There are two definitions, both with the 8 hardwired. One is in CodeGen/MachineMemOperand.h and the other in ir/DataLayout.h.

Ah, is it calling the one in LowLevelTypeImpl.h? That one doesn't have a hardwired 8, although the function getSizeInBytes does.

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Fix lint warnings
Add testcase

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I believe it is calling the one in LowLevelTypeImpl.h.

I agree that things become confusing when using hardcoded 8s in some places and then not in other places. Preferably, all hardcoded 8s should be replaced by something akin to this; we have done this in the codebase for our target but been unable to upstream the patch (for reasons unknown to me).

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This should be an RFC to llvm-dev, because this tries to silently lift the restriction that byte is 8 bits,
which is prevalent through llvm. And i do mean silently, because this has been brought up before a number of times.

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