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[ARM] Restructure cpu handling in the driver to mostly use the triple

Authored by john.brawn on May 20 2015, 6:55 AM.



Using the target cpu to determine some behaviour is sprinkled in several places in the driver, but in almost all the information that is needed can be found in the triple. Restructure things so that the triple is used, and the cpu is only used if the exact cpu name is needed.

Also add a check that the -mcpu argument is valid, and correct the -march argument checking so that it handles -march=native correctly. I would have liked to move these checks into the computation of the triple, but the triple is calculated several times in several places and that would lead to multiple error messages for the same thing.

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Hi John,

I'm about to commit some changes to ARMTargetParser that may affect your patch. I have tested both LLVM and Clang with it and found no bugs, but that doesn't guarantee much. I've also added a lot more unit tests to the Triple interface, which should stabilise things.

I was going to refactor this part later, but it seems that your changes are mostly orthogonal to what I planned. I'd welcome if you could rebase your changes after I send my patch, to make sure they still work as you'd expect.


Hi John,

The changes look fine with two comments. Don't worry too much if ARMTargetParser is a bit confusing, once we got all arch / cpu changes into it, I'll refactor it to make more sense. For now, I'm trying hard to not change the behaviour in any way.


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These two should either go into Triple or ARMTargetParser. I'll do that move later, for now, they can stay here. Just add a comment:

// FIXME: Move to ARMTargetParser.
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Not any more. Check ARMTargetParser::getCanonicalArch() and parseArch().

I've checked the iOS/Darwin behaviour and it seems reasonable from that perspective too.


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Add a couple of FIXME comments, and use ARMTargetParser::getCanonicalArchName to decide if the -march argument is valid. Doing that means moving the handling of -march=native from getARMCPUForMArch to getARMArch, which I think should be OK.

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With the extra comment, LGTM.


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FIXME: Move to ARMTargetParser.

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