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[OPENMP] Allow to disable OpenMP support and link libgomp

Authored by ABataev on May 20 2015, 3:19 AM.



Added flag ENABLE_CLANG_OPENMP that is ON by default. If set to OFF, changes behavior of -fopenmp option to the old one.

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I'm curious - what is the use case for the old behaviour?

AFAICT if the user sets Enable OpenMP support OFF they'll get a compiler that links against libgomp when -fopenmp is specified, but doesn't produce a useful openmp executable?



I'm curious - what is the use case for the old behaviour?

Ah, I found Chandler's explanation for this, in the thread for r237769.

I am not having any luck with this proposed patch. Building current llvm/clang/openmp/compiler-rt trunk with it produces a compiler that always defaults to emitting -lgomp for -fopenmp even if cmake is explicitly passed -DENABLE_CLANG_OPENMP=ON.

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Already has been fixed by Richard Smith.

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Yea, i think Daniel's patch was a closer start. Anyways, thanks for taking
a stab at this.