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Add support for the Sparc implementation-defined "ASR" registers.

Authored by jyknight on Mar 27 2015, 1:35 PM.



(Note that register "Y" is essentially just ASR0).

Also added some test cases for divide and multiply, which had none before.

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I'd love to, but I couldn't find any tests that test anything like this to copy. (I might be just blind). Can you point me to something I can riff off of?

This looks like something that comes from inline assembly, perhaps write some inline assembly in clang, emit llvm IR, copy it to test/CodeGen/Sparc, and make sure we can assemble it? Otherwise if you just want plain assembly you can look at the tests in test/MC/.


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Thanks for the hint, added a test now. Somehow I completely missed the "test" directory. I'd seen "unittest", and looked in there (where of course there's not anything related to this), and never went back up to find another dir. :)

Can you also test 'rd %asr15, %g0' instruction? This instruction aliases the 'stbar' instruction.

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Added test as requested. Also added some Disassembler tests, including ensuring that stbar is still preferred for disassembly instead of the equivalent rd.


Thanks! This is my first submission, so I do not have a commit account yet. I understand the thing to do now is ask if you could please commit it for me?

Actually don't commit yet...this seems to cause a new segfault when compiling some programs, and I need to track down why that'd be...

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Fixed the code, I hope correctly.

What was the bug you fixed when it was causing crashes?


What was the bug you fixed when it was causing crashes?

I had not correctly updated SparcISelDAGToDAG.cpp, so div simply did not work at all.

It was this patch of my patch:

--- a/lib/Target/Sparc/SparcISelDAGToDAG.cpp
+++ b/lib/Target/Sparc/SparcISelDAGToDAG.cpp
@@ -166,10 +166,10 @@ SDNode *SparcDAGToDAGISel::Select(SDNode *N) {
     } else {
       TopPart = CurDAG->getRegister(SP::G0, MVT::i32);
-    TopPart = SDValue(CurDAG->getMachineNode(SP::WRASRrr, dl, MVT::Glue,
-                                 CurDAG->getRegister(SP::Y, MVT::i32),
+    TopPart = SDValue(CurDAG->getMachineNode(SP::WRASRrr, dl, MVT::i32,
                                  CurDAG->getRegister(SP::G0, MVT::i32)), 0);
+    TopPart = CurDAG->getCopyToReg(TopPart, dl, SP::Y, TopPart, SDValue()).getValue(1);
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Since it's just a bug fix on top of the existing code that already was LGTM'd this is fine.

Sorry for the delay.



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