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[CodeGen] Don't attempt a tail-call with a non-forwarded sret.

Authored by ab on Mar 20 2015, 7:08 PM.



We used to do that, and it makes no sense. I haven't looked at other targets, but: ARM and X86 already disable tail-calls whenever there's sret (caller or callee, explicit or implicit), but AArch64 bravely tries to continue. In some cases, it generated broken code such as:

        sub     sp, sp, #128
        mov      x8, sp
        add     sp, sp, #128
        b       _test_sret


declare i1024 @test_sret() #0
define i1024 @test_tailcall_sret() #0 {
  %a = tail call i1024 @test_sret()
  ret i1024 %a

There are two parts to this (I'll commit separately, but it makes sense to review together):

  • implicit sret: this will be part of the stack frame, so there's no way we can tail-call
  • explicit sret: a good enough approximation is: if the sret pointer is an Instruction, it might be function-local (alloca, usually).

In practice, both of these don't happen with well-behaved frontends such as clang, which will have an explicit sret, and forward it across tail calls.

Also, I say approximation because there's one case we pessimize (the GEP testcase), but that's a really weird situation.. Having a GetUnderlyingObject around the sret pointer origin check does the trick though, so I can add it if desired.


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LGTM. I can't immediately think of a better hack than checking isa<Instruction>, and I can't think of a way to acquire a local stack address without an instruction.

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This went in already, r233409/r233410.