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[flang] Make interactive behaviour more obvious

Authored by richard.barton.arm on Jul 29 2020, 8:16 AM.



When flang is invoked with no files it waits for input on stdin. Make it
print a message saying this to prevent the user being surprised.

[flang] Add details to --help screen on default behaviour

Add a usage string and a defaults section that clarifies:

  • If no input files are given, f18 reads from stdin
  • If no input files are given, f18 dumps the parse tree.
  • The default behaviour is to exec F18_FC.
  • The fefault F18_FC setting is 'gfortran'

Adds a simple regression test which tests the top and tail of the help
screen and the exit status.

[flang] Add -h as a synonym for help

As expected by user in

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richard.barton.arm requested review of this revision.Jul 29 2020, 8:16 AM

I wanted to push this as a patch series.