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[libc builder] Add custom step for AOR tests.

Authored by PaulkaToast on Tue, Mar 17, 2:54 PM.



Add customer step to non-asan buildbot to run make check. These tests from AOR are meant to act as regression tests until AORs are merged into libc.

Tested locally.

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A high level comment is, annotated_builder.AnnotatedBuilder is very strange as it stands today. It is essentially serving as a namespace as it is stateless. So, mixing and and matching functionality from there and from utils makes it even more strange. I would rather see us moving away from AnnotatedBuilder and building our own libc specific utility here.


Will the bot turn red if the command fails?


Nit: This script runs on the builder so we should prefer to use os.path.join(...).

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Addressed comments. (:

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sivachandra added inline comments.Fri, Mar 20, 11:30 AM

ISTM that you do not need a context manager. Name this function run_step. Then, you can add cmd and directory args to it and ...


... call util.report_run_cmd(cmd, cwd=directory) here.


Catch specific exception here instead of a catch all. That way, you can print more specific information. You could choose to catch a specific exception, and also a catch all like this:

  util.report_run_cmd(cmd, cwd=directory)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
except Exception as e:

For consistency, use through instead of print.


For now, we will enforce that cmd is always a list.

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The point of using a context manager is the encapsulation of steps that might require multiple commands and actions. For example consider a step that requires copying a file and then running a command. It could be written as:

with step('my multi process step'):
  copy(src, dst)
  run_command(['make', 'test'], directory=dst)

These two actions are logically bound together and shouldn't be split up into multiple different buildbot steps.

This is also what the upstream AnnotatedCommand based tools do:;l=236?

Ideally we'd want to build up something like the that they have and maybe even switch annotated_builder.AnnotatedBuilder so that it uses it but that's a later concern.


see above.

sivachandra added inline comments.Fri, Mar 20, 1:28 PM

That is why I said we will enforce cmd to be a list for now. When we have a situation like this, which we will definitely have very soon, we can extend it to be either a list, or a list of lists, or a function.

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You can run multiple commands within a step like this with the current implementation:

with step('Example_Name', halt_on_fail=False):
    run_command(['cmd_run_in', 'dir1'], directory=dir1)
    run_command(['cmd_run_in', 'dir2'], directory=dir2)

As opposed to a list of lists which might look like...

step('Example_Name', [['cmd_run_in', 'dir1'], ['cd', 'dir2'], ['cmd_run_in', 'dir2']], directory=dir1, halt_on_fail=False)

I think this approach is far more readable and extensible, and there is prior art behind it from the people who came up with the AnnotatedCommand concept.

I think the best approach for a clean API is to use small, reusable single actions (e.g copy, run_command ), with a context manager.
This is similar to how it's done in chromium and how buildbot master itself.

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sivachandra added inline comments.

While I do not agree, I also want to make progress. So, I am going to approve this and we can make follow up changes as required.

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