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[compiler-rt] Fix ASan's Noinst unit tests

Authored by kubamracek on Feb 8 2015, 1:28 PM.



I noticed that on OS X, we currently skip all "Noinst" unit tests, see and search for "Asan-i386-inline-Noinst-Test" (they're not being run at all). The reason is that in MaybeReexec() we always try to set DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES to the module where we find the __asan_init symbol. However, the non-instrumented unit tests link the runtime statically, so this symbol is in the executable itself.

This was probably caused when we removed the "allow_reexec" flag. This patch adds a check into MaybeReexec such that if the module that contains the __asan_init symbol is not a dylib, we will not try to re-execute at all. This should only affect the statically-linked unit tests, all other uses on OS X should use the dynamic library.

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I think we should fix the tests instead: build dynamic version of RTAsanTest library on OS X, and link with it dynamically.

I don't think it's a good idea to make a dynamic library that actually isn't a runtime library and use it as a runtime library.
Also, to create this new dynamic library we'll have to expose additional interface functions which the noinst tests are supposed to test.

Maybe we can just add an internal function that disables re-execution?

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Updating the patch to use an internal function that disable re-execution.

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Landed in r228740.