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[OpenMP] Don't assume Type from `readelf -d` has parentheses

Authored by jbeich on Sep 25 2019, 2:40 PM.



FreeBSD uses readelf from ELFToolChain which has slightly different output.

$ mv /usr/local/bin/readelf{,.orig}
$ cmake .
$ make libomp-micro-tests
[...] (x) Fail to parse readelf output: (x) (x)     Dynamic section at offset 0xad3f0 contains 30 entries: (x)       Tag                Type                  Name/Value (x) >>>  0x0000000000000001 NEEDED               Shared library: [] (x)      0x0000000000000001 NEEDED               Shared library: [] (x)      0x0000000000000001 NEEDED               Shared library: [] (x)      0x000000000000000e SONAME               Library soname: [] (x)      0x0000000000000007 RELA                 0x115e8 (x)      0x0000000000000008 RELASZ               45048 (bytes) (x)      0x0000000000000009 RELAENT              24 (bytes) (x)      0x000000006ffffff9 RELACOUNT            1841 (x)      0x0000000000000017 JMPREL               0x1c5e0 (x)      0x0000000000000002 PLTRELSZ             4320 (bytes) (x)      0x0000000000000003 PLTGOT               0xb3810 (x)      0x0000000000000014 PLTREL               RELA (x)      0x0000000000000006 SYMTAB               0x270 (x)      0x000000000000000b SYMENT               24 (bytes) (x)      0x0000000000000005 STRTAB               0xb2d4 (x)      0x000000000000000a STRSZ                25357 (bytes) (x)      0x000000006ffffef5 GNU_HASH             0x74c0 (x)      0x0000000000000004 HASH                 0x903c (x)      0x0000000000000019 INIT_ARRAY (x)      0x000000000000001b INIT_ARRAYSZ         16 (bytes) (x)      0x000000000000001a FINI_ARRAY (x)      0x000000000000001c FINI_ARRAYSZ         8 (bytes) (x)      0x000000000000000c INIT                 0xabb1c (x)      0x000000000000000d FINI                 0x5f420 (x)      0x000000006ffffff0 VERSYM               0x6a20 (x)      0x000000006ffffffc VERDEF               0x72c4 (x)      0x000000006ffffffd VERDEFNUM            13 (x)      0x000000006ffffffe VERNEED              0x7430 (x)      0x000000006fffffff VERNEEDNUM           3 (x)      0x0000000000000000 NULL                 0x0 (x) (eof)

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