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Partial specialization after class template instantiation.
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Authored by AntonBikineev on Oct 12 2014, 7:44 AM.



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nikola edited edge metadata.Oct 12 2014, 10:16 PM

It looks good ignoring two style nitpicks. I'll have more confidence when you add the test for this, code review can stay open until you get to it.


const auto *


Same here.

majnemer added inline comments.

It would probably be more concise to do:

for (ClassTemplateSpecializationDecl &S : ClassTemplate.specializations())

In case const auto * deduced type has different meaning (pointer to constant), so it doesn’t compile.

You can drop the const altogether, we know that the pointer won't change.

AntonBikineev edited edge metadata.

some notes have been applied;
some tests have been added.
feel free to suggest some new test cases.

rsmith added inline comments.Oct 24 2014, 12:54 PM
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Please use partial_spec or partial_specialization rather than part_specialization, like other diagnostics do.

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We don't need these checks for a redeclaration:

if (isPartialSpecialization && !PrevDecl) {
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Use cast, not static_cast, here. (It'll assert if the type doesn't match.)

6232 ↗(On Diff #14872)

Hmm, what happens if we get an error outside of the immediate context during this deduction? Are we allowed to reject the program for that reason?

For instance:

template<typename T> struct X { typedef typename T::type type; };
template<typename T, typename U> struct A {};
A<int, int> Aint;
template<typename T> struct A<T, typename X<T>::type> {};

Do we provide a sufficiently useful template instantiation backtrace in this case?

Applied some comments

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@rsmith, are there any plans/suggestions regarding this patch?