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[analyzer] Don't pretend that unknown block calls have one null parameter.

Authored by NoQ on Dec 13 2018, 2:04 PM.



CallEvent::parameters() returns an ArrayRef<ParmVarDecl *> and usually either delegates all the work to the underlying Decl or return an empty array if the underlying Decl is unavailable (eg., calling a symbolic function pointer). Returning an empty array is usually done with a convenient ArrayRef(llvm::NoneType) constructor: return None;. Returning an {} would have the same effect, and i don't have any preferences here.

At the same time, return nullptr; means a completely different thing: it produces an ArrayRef to a literal array of 1 element, and this element is equal to nullptr. This corresponds to the other common pattern: when something accepts an ArrayRef, it also automatically accepts a single element and transparently turns it into an array of 1 element, which is often convenient.

The BlockCall kind of CallEvent was incorrectly returning nullptr. This, well, wasn't quite expected by the newly added OSObject support in RetainCountChecker.

Fix BlockCall to return an empty parameter array when a symbolic block is called.

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Looks good to me!