Use TempFile in the implementation of LockFileManager

Authored by espindola on Nov 13 2017, 4:50 PM.



This move some of the complexity over to the lower level TempFile.

It also makes it a bit more explicit where errors are ignored since we now have a call to consumeError.

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Spotted one issue, but otherwise seems okay to me. I'd like @bruno to take a look at this, because he's thought about this code much more recently than me.


The constructor is being called with a temporary lambda, so this is going to create a use-after-free.

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Use std::function instead of function_ref.

Ping. This is now the last use of this sys::fs::createUniqueFile variant in llvm proper.

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lgtm, let's give it a go.


This is total bikeshedding, but I like to write these RAII helpers inline, like:

struct TempFileRemover {
  TempFile &TF;
  LockFileManager &LFM;
  bool Cancelled = false;
  TempFileRemover(TempFile &TF, LockFileManager &LFM) : TF(TF), LFM(LFM) {}
  ~TempFileRemover() {
    if (Cancelled)
    if (Error E = TF.discard())
} RemoveTempFile(*TempFile, *this);

It saves a std::function, but you have to write out the capture members and a constructor to initialize them. Maybe this is just what happens when your brain has been damaged from working on a C++ compiler too long.


I kept the RAII class outside the function since a cancelable cleanup seems a general concept and we might want to move it to a header in the future.

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LGTM as well!

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