[XRay][tools] Updated stacks tool with flamegraph output.

Authored by kpw on Oct 6 2017, 3:33 PM.



As the first step to allow analysis and visualization of xray collected data,
allow using the llvm-xray stacks tool to emit a complete listing of stacks in
the format consumable by a flamegraph tool.

Possible follow up formats include chrome trace viewer format and sql load

As a POC, I'm able to generate flamegraphs of an xray instrumented llc compiling
hello world.

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LGTM with some nits and style issues.

Thanks, @kpw!

I suppose you're updating the documentation on how to generate the flame graphs too, at some point?

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In LLVM's style guide, we don't put names to TODO's (just // TODO:).

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Same here (TODO:).

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Maybe lift out of the loop and clear, instead of creating and destroying one every iteration?

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Do you actually need a std::stack, as opposed to just using a std::vector, or a SmallVector?

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nit: Enclosing curlies for single-statement bodies not required in LLVM style.

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Updating with Dean's review comments.

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LGTM -- thanks @kpw!

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