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add support for -fno-instrument-functions and -finstrument-functions-exclude-{file,function}-list=<arg1,arg2,...> to match gcc options
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Authored by choikwa on Sep 8 2017, 5:48 AM.
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choikwa created this revision.Sep 8 2017, 5:48 AM

ok I already see a few issues -
doc - add '='

CodeGenFunction.cpp - add demangler since matching is done on demangled function names

Unfortunately, when you submit a patch for review, you need to add the commits list for the associated project as a subscriber. As this patch has no subscribers, no one saw it. While you can add a subscriber now, that won't send out the patch summary again. As a result, it's best to abandon this review and start another one. Make sure that you add cfe-commits as a subscriber, and the patch will get reviewed. Also, feel free to add me as a reviewer.

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