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Support relaxed constexpr on chrono::duration operations

Authored by AntonBikineev on Nov 28 2016, 5:20 AM.



This addresses a proposal p0505r0. Synopsis as follows:

template <class Rep, class Period = ratio<1>>
class duration {
    //, arithmetic:
    constexpr duration operator+() const;
    constexpr duration operator-() const;
    constexpr duration& operator++();
    constexpr duration operator++(int);
    constexpr duration& operator--();
    constexpr duration operator--(int);

    constexpr duration& operator+=(const duration& d);
    constexpr duration& operator-=(const duration& d);

    constexpr duration& operator*=(const rep& rhs);
    constexpr duration& operator/=(const rep& rhs);
    constexpr duration& operator%=(const rep& rhs);
    constexpr duration& operator%=(const duration& rhs);

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This looks good to me. Don't forget to update www/cxx1z_status.html (about line 136)

Also should have cfe-commits as a subscriber.

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LGTM as well.

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