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[SPARC] Add assembler for the REX instruction set extension

Authored by dcederman on Sep 6 2016, 4:29 AM.



This patch adds the assembler part of the REX instruction set extension. A full description of the REX instruction set can be downloaded at

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This update contains some small fixes and has been rebased relative the latest master.

Let me know if the patch is too big. I can divide it into smaller parts if that will simplify the review process.

jyknight added inline comments.May 12 2017, 11:07 AM

"fi" doesn't mean anything to me. I see what from the REX spec this is implementing, but it could use a better name, and a comment about what it's for.


Mark intended fall-through after code with LLVM_FALLTHROUGH


Same here.


Why do we need this, vs using FK_Data_4?


And isn't this the same as FK_PCRel_4?


You used a different name here (fixup_sparc_pc32 vs fixup_sparc_disp32).


Why the change here?


Should probably have Rex in its name.


I think this needs to also be controlled by an AssemblerPredicate.

And we'll want to have many of the standard instructions (e.g. those that aren't format-3) with a predicate that disables them in rex mode too, right?

dcederman updated this revision to Diff 99266.May 17 2017, 4:00 AM

Thank you James for reviewing the patch!

In this updated version I have tried to address your comments and done the following changes:

  • Expanded the fi suffix to say RexFixedRegImm and added a comment describing its use.
  • Simplified the RexFR class as the imm field was always 0.
  • Marked the case entries that are supposed to fall through with LLVM_FALLTHROUGH.
  • Added assembler predicates to prevent REX instructions from being used when not compiling for REX and the other way around for Format 2 and coprocessor instructions.
  • Switched from introducing new relocations to use already existing equivalent relocations (FK_Data_4 and FK_PCRel_4).
  • I extracted the change to getCallTargetOpValue to its own patch as it is a generic bug fix and not related to the REX patch. This has the effect that one of the tests in this patch fails if the other patch is not applied.
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