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Delete dead code

Authored by espindola on Aug 26 2016, 12:35 PM.



While support for explicit preemption in the llvm IR would use something like this, it can be a long time before such support is added. Before that happens this is dead code and should probably be deleted.

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We should be able to skip the GOT/PLT for such symbols in the codegen right now, wouldn't we?

tejohnson edited edge metadata.Aug 26 2016, 1:04 PM

I tend to agree to remove it, since it isn't being used at all yet. But I think some llvm-lto2 tests need to be updated (that's the only way this could get set now). E.g. test/ThinLTO/X86/internalize.ll

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Exit with error on unknown character.

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I guess this can be abandoned now, right?

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Yes, dso_local exists and is getting more common.