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Add -fprofile-dir= to clang.

Authored by nlewycky on Aug 19 2016, 6:17 PM.



-fprofile-dir=path allows the user to specify where .gcda files should be emitted when the program is run. In particular, this is the first flag that causes the .gcno and .o files to have different paths, LLVM is extended to support this. -fprofile-dir= does not change the file name in the .gcno (and thus where lcov looks for the source) but it does change the name in the .gcda (and thus where the runtime library writes the .gcda file). It's different from a GCOV_PREFIX because a user can observe that the GCOV_PREFIX_STRIP will strip paths off of -fprofile-dir= but not off of a supplied GCOV_PREFIX.

To implement this we split -coverage-file into -coverage-data-file and -coverage-notes-file to specify the two different names. The !llvm.gcov metadata node grows from a 2-element form {string coverage-file, node} to 3-elements, {string coverage-notes-file, string coverage-data-file, node}. In the 3-element form, the file name is already "mangled" with .gcno/.gcda suffixes, while the 2-element form left that to the middle end pass.

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Forgot clang changes!


I think the review this patch really needs is a comparison to GCC's implementation to double-check that it really does the same thing that GCC does. Is there a gcov user who could take a look at this?

compnerd added inline comments.

Might be nice to use enum class.


I think that NewStem is no longer appropriate.


It really feels like these two cases can be collapsed.


auto *CoverageDataFile perhaps?




Unnecessary braces.

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I don't see a great way to do that, so I picked the one which minimizes the cost of the common case. Having an !llvm.gcov node but no CU for the specific .o is uncommon: to get here you're building a program with some .bc's built with a frontend that emits an !llvm.gcov and some .bc's without, and then you llvm-linked them and are running the insert-gcov-profiling pass afterwards. Also, I assume that copying SmallString<128>'s around is slow, while looking up Value*'s is faster.

If you have a specific idea, I'm happy to try it. I'm not thrilled with the way it's written now.


The way this test was written, !10 would be parsed before !9. Swizzled it around to make !9 the !llvm.module.flags and !10 the !llvm.gcov node.

compnerd added inline comments.Aug 30 2016, 9:12 PM

A quick pass over this yielded something like:

if (N->getNumOperands() != 2 && N->getNumOperands() != 3)

bool HasProfileDir = N->getNumOperands() == 3;
unsigned Offset = HasProfileDir ? 1 : 0;

auto *NotesFile = dyn_cast<MDString>(N->getOperand(Offset + 0));
auto *CovFile = dyn_cast<MDString>(N->getOperand(Offset + 0));
auto *CompileUnit = dyn_cast<MDNode>(N->getOperand(Offset + 1));

if ((!HasProfileDir || !NotesFile) || !CovFile || !CompileUnit)

if (CompileUnit == CU) {
  bool GCNO = OutputType == GCovFileType::GCNO;
  if (HasProfileDir) {
    return GCNO ? NotesFile->getString() : CovFile->getString();
  } else {
    SmallString<128> FileName = CovFile->getString();
    sys::path::replace_extension(FileName, GCNO ? "gcno" : "gcda");
    return FileName.str();

It does reduce a bit of the duplication, and still accounts for the string duplication that you were pointing out. I think it makes it slightly easier to read due to the variable de-duplication (at the slight cost of an extra pointer on the stack and an extra lookup).

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