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(Trivial) TargetPassConfig: assert when TargetMachine has no MCAsmInfo

Authored by asb on Aug 12 2016, 3:30 AM.



This is a pretty trivial, but I thought it was worth just checking that nobody feels it's completely the wrong thing to be doing.

The motivation is that when starting a new backend, you often start with a minimal stub, pretty much just FooTargetMachine and FooTargetInfo. Once that's built, you might naturally try llc -march=foo myinput.ll and it seems more developer-friendly if this ends up asserting due to the lack of MCAsmInfo with an informative message rather than just segfaulting.

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This patch got an LGTM from @bogner that for some strange reason wasn't registered by Phabricator even though the proper reply-to was used in the email.

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Marking it as accepted in PHab as well.

Did you need someone to commit it?

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