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clang-rename: fix renaming member functions

Authored by vmiklos on Jul 11 2016, 1:15 PM.



Testcase by Kirill Bobyrev.

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This one doesn't fix it though.

It only deals with declarations of overridden functions.

This is the test that still fails:

/ RUN: cat %s > %t.cpp
// RUN: clang-rename -offset=161 -new-name=boo %t.cpp -i --
// RUN: sed 's,//.*,,' %t.cpp | FileCheck %s
// XFAIL: *

class A {
  virtual void foo() {}

class B : public A {
  void foo() override {}  // OK: B::foo overrides A::foo

int main() {
  A a;;

  B b;;

  return 0;

// Use grep -FUbo 'Cla' <file> to get the correct offset of foo when changing
// this file.
vmiklos updated this revision to Diff 64025.Jul 14 2016, 12:16 PM

Forgot to add asserts for main() in the testcase.

vmiklos updated this revision to Diff 64027.Jul 14 2016, 12:19 PM
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Sorry for a late response.

The issue is that you only deal with the consequences of this "bug". Overridden functions simply have different USRs, so the solution is just to add relevant USRs. Trying to deal with it in USRLocFinder.cpp doesn't seem right; the chances of dealing with such issue correctly on that side are very small. I.e. it still doesn't pass the more complicated test I have in my patch (see below).

There's a patch I've been working on lately, it does exactly that. (it's from the other account I'll have to use from now, nvm)

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I see your point, then let me abandon this.