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[PM] Port DSE to the new pass manager.

Authored by JakeVanAdrighem on May 10 2016, 6:13 PM.



I've copied what was done for SROA/GlobalOpt/GlobalDCE.

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this looks fine to me, modulo nits.


Please add a doxygen comment to explain what this class odes.


I think this should be a FunctionPass instead of a BasicBlockPass?


Can you call it DSEPass() for consistency with DCE and others?


DSE is a FunctionPass but the implementation works per BasicBlock.

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Not sure if the amount of change here is 'ugly' but I've addressed all the responses.

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Pull out all the member functions to be helpers. The diff here is less clean but this is just because the helpers needed to be moved around.

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Rename runOnBasicBlock to eliminateDeadStores. Add an overload that takes a Function instead of BasicBlock. Made all the helpers static. Cleaned up function description comments. clang-format.

I considered discarding this patch and splitting it out but at this point I'd rather leave it as a slight refactor + port to the new PM.

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