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Have isKnownNotFullPoison be smarter around control flow

Authored by sanjoy on Apr 17 2016, 8:52 PM.



(... while still not using a PostDomTree)

The way we use isKnownNotFullPoison from SCEV today, the new CFG walking
logic will not trigger for any realistic cases -- it will kick in only
for situations where we could have merged the contiguous basic blocks
anyway[0], since the poison generating instruction dominates all of its
non-PHI uses (which are the only uses we consider right now).

However, having this change in place will allow a later bugfix to break
fewer llvm-lit tests.

[0]: i.e. cases where block A branches to block B and B is A's only
successor and A is B's only predecessor.

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As far as I can tell, this code for Br is not in the official repository, yet it is not listed as a changed line in the review.

Maybe I'm just confused about how diffs are shown or this was added very recently?

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Would it make sense to have a limit on how many instructions/basic blocks this will consider?

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Could there be braces for this multi-line if?

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This is my fault. I had this revision based off of D19211 but didn't note it in the revision.

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Added a limit of MaxDepth blocks (for the lack of a better limit).

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