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Improve looking up functions with equivalent mangled names.
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Authored by sivachandra on Feb 25 2016, 10:58 AM.



This, in a way, extends the existing "workaroud" by matching function
argument type names individually [instead of just matching "(args1...)"
with "(args2...)"]. For type name matching, a new method
CPlusPlusLanguage::TypeNamesEqual has been added. For now, this method
can only handle variations like:

<typename> * vs <typename>*
const <typename> vs <typename> const
const <typename> * const vs <typename> const * const

We can extend it to handle more complex name formats as needed.

The immediate benefit of this change is with evaluating std::map's
subscript operator when producer is GCC. Consider the following:

std::map<std::string, std::string> m;
std::string s("1");
m[s] = "one";
... ; // Break here

The command "expr m[s]" fails without this change if the producer is

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Fix a comment in file, fix formatting in another.

Add more gtest unittests.

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Sean should be the one to OK this.

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I'm concerned about the performance implications here, because FindBestAlternateMangledName is invoked for every C++ symbol lookup, not just for ones that would fail unless we did this workaround.

We have a ColectFallbackNames function in IRExecutionUnit.cpp to try hackier approaches if the simple approaches don't work. Would it be feasible to make this farily heavyweight search part of the fallback names mechanism?

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