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Remove unused stackslots generated in reg spills

Authored by wmi on Jan 29 2016, 12:30 PM.



The problem and testcase is described in

The cause of the problem is:
LiveRangeEdit::eliminateDeadDef is used to remove dead define instructions after rematerialization. To remove a VNI for a vreg from its LiveInterval, LiveIntervals::removeVRegDefAt is used. However, after non-PHI VNIs are all removed, PHI VNI are still left in the LiveInterval. Such unused vregs will be kept in RegsToSpill[] at the end of InlineSpiller::reMaterializeAll and spiller will allocate stackslot for them.

The fix is to get rid of unused reg by checking whether it has non-dbg reference instead of whether it has non-empty interval.

For the 1.c testcase in PR26374, the stack allocated for function GetSkipCostMB dropped from 408 to 344.

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Hi Wei,

LGTM with a few nitpicks:

  1. Add a comment explaining what the test case is testing at the beginning of the file.
  2. Change the name of the test case to something relevant, i.e., pr26374.ll is a bad name!



I liked the previous comments.

1 ↗(On Diff #46403)

Could you add the description of the related PR, so that we do not have to look at the web page when we want to know what this is about.

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Addressed Quentin's comment.

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Thanks Wei!


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