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[clang-tidy] introducing cppcoreguidelines-enum-all-caps check

Authored by omtcyf0 on Dec 21 2015, 12:55 AM.



This patch introduces cppcoreguidelines-enum-all-caps, which flags all ALL_CAPS enumerations.

As written in C++ Core Guidelines: enumerations should not be named using ALL_CAPS to avoid clashes with macros.

This rule is part of the "Enumerations" profile of the C++ Core Guidelines, see

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There's already the readability-identifier-naming check that is highly configurable. It might miss the "use any naming style except for this one" functionality, but I'd prefer it to be added to that check rather than implementing another check for naming styles. After the required functionality is added to the readability-identifier-naming check, we can just register it in the cppcoreguidelines module with a custom name (corresponding to the rule) and a custom configuration that only enables verification of enumerator names (see GoogleModule::getModuleOptions() for an example of how to do this).

@alexfh, Thanks for the feedback!

What you said seems reasonable to me, I'll follow your advice and come up with the proposed solution!

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