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[llgo] llgoi: separate evaluation from printing

Authored by axw on Oct 14 2015, 7:18 PM.



Separate the evaluation of expressions from printing
of results. This is in preparation for splitting the
core of the interpreter out for use in alternative
interpreter frontends.

At the same time, the output is made less noisy in
response to comments on the golang-nuts announcement.
We would ideally print out values using Go syntax,
but this is impractical until we have libgo based on
Go 1.5. When that happens, fmt's %#v will handle
reflect.Value better, and so we can fix/filter type
names to remove automatically generated package names.

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Revert to using NamedGlobal/PointerToGlobal

Unnecessary change that would require a change to bindings.

pcc added inline comments.Nov 4 2015, 1:38 PM

I normally just hacked this in manually whenever I needed it. Would that not work for you?

Nit: can the variable be named like the flag name?


Wouldn't this return null if the source package isn't a interpretLine-generated package? How do things work in that case?


I don't much like this conspiracy between loadSourcePackage and interpretLine. Can we maybe have this function return getPackageSymbol instead of result and make interpretLine responsible for retrieving the results?


I was working on a pretty printing package for this, mainly because I wanted more whitespace than what %#v provides, but I suppose it could also be used to hide internal names. If that sounds useful at all I'll see if I can dig it up.


Here (and in a few other places) you are removing CHECK lines instead of replacing them with something equivalent. In this particular case the expression line isn't really testing much any more (not even the parser/type checker, as you aren't testing for absence of errors). I'd prefer to keep the checks unless you have a reason not to, or otherwise remove lines like this.

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Addressed review comments

  • removed source printing flag
  • moved __llgoiResults extraction to interpretLine
  • replaced existing CHECKs in lit tests
axw added a comment.Apr 22 2016, 3:01 AM

@pcc PTAL. Sorry for leaving this for so long.


I'll back this out for now.


Fixed to return nil if the symbol isn't found. Should never happen now, anyway, since the __llgoiResults call has been moved into interpretLine


If you still have this, please do send it along. If not, I'll do it later.

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I've uploaded the code I wrote to D19473. It may not be very useful though as I didn't get very far.

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