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PeepholeOptimizer: Remove redundant copies

Authored by arsenm on Sep 23 2015, 7:00 PM.



If a virtual register is copied and another copy was already
seen, replace with the previous copy.

This pattern shows up from various operand restrictions
AMDGPU has which require inserting copies depending
on the register class of the operands.

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Hi Matt,

I’m fine with the patch modulo few nitpicks.
For a long term solution, I believe the right thing is to teach the copy rewriting logic to handle those cases. The rationale is that the proposed approach is, unlike the rewriting logic, limited to basic block scope and does not handle multi copies.

That being said, we can reconsider when we see motivating examples.



Please described the other arguments and how they are modified/use within the method.


Assert that MI is a copy.


I don’t know if this is something you intend to support, but with this check, we only consider the first copy we see.
I.e., we do not consider thing like:
… = src
… = src.sub1

Anyway, may be worth adding a FIXME saying we will consider this when we see motivating examples.

arsenm closed this revision.Sep 25 2015, 1:24 PM



I'll look into that next. I saw some test improvements when I switched to inserting the mov that I don't see with this patch and this is probably why.