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Analyzer: Teach analyzer how to handle TypeTraitExpr

Authored by ismailp on Aug 30 2015, 10:34 AM.



TypeTraitExprs are not supported by the ExprEngine today. Analyzer
creates a sink, and aborts the block. Therefore, certain bugs that
involve type traits intrinsics cannot be detected (see PR24710).

This patch creates boolean SVals for TypeTraitExprs, which are
evaluated by the compiler.

Test within the patch is a summary of PR24710.

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dcoughlin edited edge metadata.Sep 21 2015, 11:25 AM

Ismail, is 24710 the right bug? It is "clang-tidy segfaults with relative include paths".

Sorry, that's a typo. It is 24170.

You should add a test covering the added logic in SValBuilder. For example:

clang_analyzer_eval(__is_trivial(NonTrivial)); // expected-warning {{FALSE}}

And while we're at it, it would be good to add a test for UnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr as well:

clang_analyzer_eval(__alignof(NonTrivial) > 0); // expected-warning {{TRUE}}

Other than that, looks good to me. Thanks Ismail!

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Extra semi-colon here.

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Addressed comments.

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Thanks for reviewing.

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