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[LLGS] Spawned process handling cleanup

Authored by labath on Jul 28 2015, 3:08 AM.



This commit moves the m_spawned_pids member from the common LLGS/Platform class to the plaform
specific part. This enables us to remove LLGS code, which was attempting to manage the
m_spawned_pids contents, but at the same time making sure, there is only one debugged process. If
we ever want to do multi-process debugging, we will probably want to replace this with a set of
NativeProcessProtocolSP anyway. The only functional change is that support for
qKillSpawnedProcess packet is removed from LLGS, but this was not used there anyway (we have the
k packet for that).

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We may want to check for GetID() != LLDB_INVALID_PROCESS_ID becauseNativeProcessProtocol::Attach doesn't nullify native_process_sp if AttachToInferior fails.

Considering how often we check something like m_debugged_process_sp && (m_debugged_process_sp->GetID () != LLDB_INVALID_PROCESS_ID)" having a separate method for this might be pretty convenient - we can do it in another CL.

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return Error(...)?

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clayborg requested changes to this revision.Jul 28 2015, 9:09 AM
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Fix the m_debugged_process_sp check and this is good to go.

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Or put ask the process to validate itself with IsBeingDebugged() or some other function that verifies the process is being debugged:

if (m_debugged_process_sp && m_debugged_process_sp->IsBeingDebugged())
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  • Add a check for process validity
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I have added a check for LLDB_INVALID_PROCESS_ID. For the future I would like to clean this up more so that m_debugged_process_sp is non-null if and only if we have a valid debugged process.

clayborg accepted this revision.Jul 28 2015, 9:48 AM
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Looks good as long as the process ID is set to invalid when the process exits?

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