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Add `-verify-ignore-unexpected` option to ignore unexpected diagnostics in VerifyDiagnosticsConsumer

Authored by EricWF on May 29 2015, 2:28 PM.



The goal of this patch is to make -verify easier to use when testing libc++. The notes attached to compile error diagnostics are numerous and relatively unstable when they reference libc++ header internals. This patch allows libc++ to write stable compilation failure tests by allowing unexpected diagnostic messages to be ignored where they are not relevant.

This patch adds a new CC1 flag called -verify-ignore-unexpected. -verify-ignore-unexpected tells VerifyDiagnosticsConsumer to ignore *all* unexpected diagnostic messages. -verify-ignore-unexpected=<LevelList> can be used to only ignore certain diagnostic levels. <LevelList> is a comma separated list of diagnostic levels to ignore. The supported levels are note, remark, warning and error.

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Responding to @bogner's comments that he sent via email.


Better to use enum class DiagnosticLevelMask. You'll need to define
operator| and operator|=, but those are trivial with std::underlying_type.

I would add operator&(Enum, Enum), operator|(Enum, Enum) and `~operator(

I would prefer to use a enum class but there are a couple of problems:

  1. You need to define a raw_ostream operator<<(...) function. This is required by the ENUM_DIAGOPT macro.
  2. if (EnumValue & Enum::Value) doesn't work. You need the explicit bool cast which is ugly.

Why bother making this const? Also, a name like DiagMask is probably clearer.

I like to make things const so I can't accidentally change it. I'm happy to change the name though.

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Address @bogner's comments.

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Address @bogners comments.

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Accepting with @bogner's permission.

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