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Added missing exports
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Authored by jtsoftware on May 18 2015, 6:09 PM.



It seems these exports are needed.

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The more interesting issue here is why having a submodule export itself causes a change in behavior.

It turns out that Module::buildVisibleModulesCache just recursively calls Module::getExportedModules. So without the self-export, the submodule doesn't export anything and contributes no exports, but if it does export itself, then it contributes itself to the list of exports.

In this case, e.g. #include <x86intrin.h> will trigger module intel to be imported, and since that module imports wmmintrin.h (through immintrin.h), then the aforementioned situation triggers.

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It turns out that these are the exports needed, since the wmmintrin.h file includes the aes and pclmul headers.

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This makes more sense. LGTM.

  • Sean Silva
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