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Remove duplicate type definitions from f16cintrin.h

Authored by jtsoftware on May 7 2015, 6:02 AM.



These definitions can be obtained from avxintrin.h. Modularize flags them as duplicates.

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LGTM. This is compatible with GCC headers.
By the way, this review did not appear on the mailing list for some reason,

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Please include the header where those types are actually defined. We're trying to be modular here.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.May 11 2015, 6:04 PM

Please include the header where those types are actually defined. We're trying to be modular here.

I suspect the correct fix there is to #include <f16cintrin.h> from immintrin.h instead of x86intrin.h; that's what gcc does.

Looks like there's more duplication to get rid of in this patch.

lib/Headers/avxintrin.h:typedef float __v8sf __attribute__ ((__vector_size__ (32)));
lib/Headers/f16cintrin.h:typedef float __v8sf __attribute__ ((__vector_size__ (32)));

lib/Headers/avxintrin.h:typedef float __m256 __attribute__ ((__vector_size__ (32)));
lib/Headers/f16cintrin.h:typedef float __m256 __attribute__ ((__vector_size__ (32)));

What is the right dependency order between these headers?

Gah, nevermind. Brain fart.

If we want individual headers to be independent, we probably need a new header called something like. _intrinsic_types.h, as there are a few definitions like m256, m256d, and __m256i scattered among multiple headers. But actually, it seems to be the case that headers like f16cintrin.h are private headers under x86intrin.h, as indicated in the #error directive (#error "Never use <f16cintrin.h> directly; include <x86intrin.h> instead."), hence the need to be independent could be considered relaxed. If gnu is like this, it might be a good reason not to stray too far.

What do you think?

jtsoftware abandoned this revision.Mar 21 2016, 1:11 PM

It looks like this has already been addressed.