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[ARM64]Fix the bug cannot select UQSHL/SQSHL with constant i64 shift amount.
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Authored by HaoLiu on Apr 24 2014, 10:57 PM.



Hi Tim and other reviewers,

Those are 2 patches for LLVM and Clang to fix UQSHL/SQSHL by constant can not be selected. The simply intrinsic call:

vqshld_s64(a, 36)  // a is a int64_t

will cause build failure.

The root cause is that 2 different pattern match types are used for the following 2 intrinsics:

int64_t vqshld_n_s64(int64_t a, const int n)      SQSHL Dd,Dn,#n
int64_t vqshld_s64(int64_t a, int64_t b)          SQSHL Dd,Dn,Dm

vqshld_n_s64 uses int64x1_t for arguments and return value. vqshld_s64 uses int64_t. If the second argument of vqshld_s64 is a constant, it will also try to generate a SQSHL by contant instrution, i.e the first kind of instruction "SQSHL Dd,Dn,#n", not "SQSHL Dd,Dn,Dm". As there is only a pattern for v1i64, not i64, there is a cannot select failure.

To fix this, we can simply add a pattern about i64 to match SQSHL by constant (The LLVM patch). But except that, I also think it is not reasonable to use int64x1_t for "int64_t vqshld_n_s64(int64_t a, const int n)", as it is originally int64_t, why we transfer int64_t to int64xt_t to match. So I also modify the Clang to use int64_t/uint64_t instead of transfering to int64x1_t/uint64x1_t (The Clang patch).

I only add two test cases about vqshld_s64 and vqshld_u64 with constant shift amount, as there are already other test cases for other situations.

Review please.

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Hi Hao,

The changes look reasonable, but there should be an LLVM test in test/CodeGen/ARM64 too.



Hi Tim,

After added LLVM CodeGen test, these patches have been committed in and and