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[ELF] Define __dso_handle symbol if needed

Authored by phosek on Jun 2 2017, 5:02 PM.



Traditionally, it has been defined in crtbegin.o, which is typically provided by libgcc or as part of the C library on some systems. However, but there's no principled reason for it to be there. We optionally define this symbol, which can be used on platforms that don't provide __dso_handle in crtbegin.o or which don't use crtbegin.o at all.

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Overall looks fine. I think this is the right approach to define __dso_handle, as it is very easy to do, compared to other solutions.

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I'd describe a bit more about the __dso_handle symbol so that the code is more self-contained for the first-time reader of the source code. Specifically, I'd like to mention

  • dso_handle is passed to cxa_finalize as a marker to identify each DSO
  • the address of the symbol doesn't matter as long as they are different in different DSOs, so we chose the start address of the DSO

In particular, "... with a value which is an address in one of the object's segment" sounds too formal specification-ish. I'd make it more concrete.

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Don't you want to do this only when Config->Shared?

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The frontend generates the __dso_handle reference in any case because it doesn't whether the code is going to be linked into a shared library or not so we need to generate this symbol even in the non-shared case.

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Remove an extra space.

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