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Fix Crashes when 'AttributeList::get'ing with an ArrayRef<AttributeList> where all pImpl are null

Authored by thewilsonator on May 28 2017, 12:44 AM.



As the Title says, this causes crashes if you go

AttributeList::get(getContext(), { AttributeList(),AttributeList() });

It is sensitive to I/O, I have no idea why it is I/O sensitive but it is, at least it disappears when logging is turned on in LDC (the LLVM D Compiler) without fail.
Sometimes the last function in the stacktrace is

_vsnprintf + 586
llvm::AttributeList::get(llvm::LLVMContext&, llvm::ArrayRef<llvm::AttributeList>) + 798

Anyway this appears to fix this and will speed up merges of null AttributeList.


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thewilsonator created this revision.May 28 2017, 12:44 AM

Hi Nicholas:

This looks like a manifestation of a problem that is possibly elsewhere (quick look makes me think in the getImpl when it is supplied an empty AttrSet). But I will have a better look later and get back. By the way, the context is missing (probably your diff to create the patch didnt have -U9999).


I just pasted the diff from my terminal and it accepted it with whatever the default of git diff is, I don't know what U9999 is. *shrug*
This is my first contribution to LLVM so I don't know the way things are supposed to work.

The AttributeList::get that takes an ArrayRef<AttributeList> checks for Attrs.empty() and for Attrs.size() == 1 as fast paths.
the getImpl asserts that the ArrayRef<AttributeSet> is not empty but I must have had asserts disabled.


No problem. Please have a look at (sec. Requesting a review...). Basically, 'git diff -U9999 your-branch' will create a patch with more context.

rnk edited edge metadata.May 31 2017, 7:16 AM

Thanks for the diagnosis and patch! I think I didn't find this problem when testing LLVM and clang because they test each AttributeList for emptiness before adding it to the list of lists to merge. I'll land this soon.

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