[BitVector] Add find_last() and find_last_unset()

Authored by zturner on Thu, Apr 20, 10:53 AM.



BitVector currently provides find_first() and find_first_unset(), this adds methods to search in reverse.

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The for loop above seems simpler?

If you really want, you can use:

for (unsigned i : llvm::reverse(llvm::seq(0, NumBitWords(size())))
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Rather than this, what about just handling the last word outside the loop?

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Updated based on feedback from chandlerc.

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Fix an inverted conditional / break statement.

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LGTM with some loop simplifications.

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I this can be written as:

while (i > 0 && Bits[i] != Bitword(0))
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I think this is the same as:

while (W == ~BitWord(0) && --i > 0)
  W = Bits[i];
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