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[LLD][ELF] Work in progress of using InputSectionDescriptions for createThunks()

Authored by peter.smith on Apr 13 2017, 10:10 AM.



This is not a review request, just using Phabricator to hold a diff I can point to from [llvm-dev]

The patch is all the changes I've made for a first draft of changing createThunks() to insert into InputSectionDescriptions. This isn't optimized or refactored for readability.
The most important things to note are:

  • To insert into InputSectionDescriptions we need to fabricate InputSectionDescriptions for orphan sections.
  • The .ARM.exidx sort by link order can be broken by the linker script sorting as well as Thunks. I've put a fix in for that as well

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peter.smith created this revision.Apr 13 2017, 10:10 AM
peter.smith abandoned this revision.Apr 13 2017, 10:11 AM

Marking as abandoned as this patch is for communication only.