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[InstCombine] Allow InstCombine to merge adjacent guards

Authored by mkazantsev on Feb 1 2017, 12:20 AM.



If there are two adjacent guards with different conditions, we can
remove one of them and include its condition into the condition of
another one. This patch allows InstCombine to merge them by the
following pattern:

guard(a); guard(b) -> guard(a & b).

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There's a subtle problem here -- we can transform

guard(a) [ "deopt"(X) ]
guard(b) [ "deopt"(Y) ]


;; Widen the first guard
guard(a & b) [ "deopt"(X) ]

but not to

;; Widen the second guard
guard(a & b) [ "deopt"(Y) ]

since the deopt state of the second guard (represented as "Y" here
for simplicity) may have been optimized under the assumption that a
is true.

For instance, say we started with

guard(a) [ "deopt"(a) ]
guard(b) [ "deopt"(a) ]

which first got optimized to

guard(a) [ "deopt"(a) ]
guard(b) [ "deopt"(true) ]

and then due to this change is optimized to

;; guard(a) [ "deopt"(a) ]
guard(a && b) [ "deopt"(true) ]

Now if a is false at runtime then the expected behavior was to
deoptimize with the deopt state (a) == (false), but in the
optimized program we will deoptimize with the deopt state (true).

The right transform here is to widen the first guard, not the second

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I'd not bother with the !a && !b => !(a && b). I think it is better to leave it as !a && !b (i.e. not special case m_Not at all), and have InstCombine re-canonicalize it (in a later iteration) to !(a || b) if that's more canonical.

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lgtm! Checking in on your behalf.

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Thanks for pointing that out: wasn't obvious indeed.

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Yeah, it is actually done by DeMorgan's Law transformation. :)

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