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Make check for atomic alignment target dependent

Authored by vchuravy on Dec 10 2016, 5:28 AM.



The goal is to relax the alignment check for the X86 architecure
restoring the behaviour exhibited by LLVM 3.8 and GCC.

According to the Intel Architectures Software Developer’s Manual, Volume 3A:

The integrity of a bus lock is not affected by the alignment of
the memory field. The LOCK semantics are followed for as many bus cycles
as necessary to update the entire operand. However, it is recommend that
locked accesses be aligned on their natural boundaries for better
system performance

also see

Atomics operations like CMPXCHG16B for i128 do need to be naturally aligned.

Patch by: Valentin Churavy

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Ref .

While the instruction may guarantee atomicity without requiring alignment, I think there's still question whether the platform ABI (i.e. libatomic ABI linked above) allows it. I did not find any clear mention of the inlineability of unaligned i64 atomic on 32bit x86 but it does include other examples where the atomic is not inlineable when it's not properly aligned (e.g. in the _Atomic struct section).

Given that the draft is more or less a documentation and refinement of the current libatomic + clang/gcc behavior, I just checked what does it do on 32bit x86 for a 4bytes aligned i64 and it seems to be using the locking path. Unless that is changed and required, inlining 4bytes aligned i64 atomic will likely violate the libatomic ABI.

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