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NVPTX: Avoid implicit iterator conversions, NFC

Authored by dexonsmith on Jul 8 2016, 12:21 PM.



Avoid implicit conversions from MachineInstrBundleInstr to MachineInstr*
in the MSP430 backend, mainly by preferring MachineInstr& over
MachineInstr* when a pointer isn't nullable and using range-based for

There was one piece of questionable code in
NVPTXInstrInfo::AnalyzeBranch, where a condition checked a pointer
converted from an iterator for nullptr. Since this case is impossible
(moreover, the code above guarantees that the iterator is valid), I
removed the check when I changed the pointer to a reference.

Despite that case, there should be no functionality change here.

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in the MSP430 backend

Wrong commit message?

from MachineInstrBundleInstr


Otherwise looks good to me. This is a simplification, so I like it on face, but do you also expect this change (when made everywhere in llvm) to have performance implications?

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Thanks for the review! Committed in r274931. (Answers to your questions below, inline.)

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