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Fail early on unknown appending linkage variables
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Authored by espindola on May 11 2016, 12:13 PM.



In practice only a few well known appending linkage variables work.

Currently if codegen sees an unknown appending linkage variable it will just print it as a regular global. That is wrong as the symbol in the produced object file has different semantics as the one provided by the appending linkage.

This just errors early instead of producing a broken .o.

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The patch LGTM with an update to LangRef. Has this been discussed on
llvm-dev though? It seems like an IR change, since whether or not the
old behaviour was a good idea, it was certainly tested for...

I'm ok with not silently assuming external linkage types from internal-only ones. This has to either be an explicit transformation during code emission or an error. Also, LangRef change. :)

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