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ELF: Do not use fatal in LinkerScript.cpp.

Authored by ruiu on Jan 27 2016, 6:44 PM.



Propagating errors back to callers is annoying in recursive descendent
parser because they are naturally constructed as mutually recursive
functions. In this patch, I took a simple approach. The accessors of
the token stream behaves as if they are at EOF once we saw any errors.
It naturally makes all functions to return.

This is the final change to not use fatal in the linker.

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Totally a casual comment & I could be totally off: Parser error recovery
can be really helpful to users (eg: Clang's error recovery), though (much
like using TLS for the general error handling improvements, and my comments
there) I expect this is a good first step and better error recovery can be
added over time to improve the user experience here.

As you've said, it's certainly not a terribly easy thing to do great error
recovery, and I wouldn't suggest trying to solve everything up-front, for

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  • Added test cases and fixed a few bugs found by the tests.
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Add a comment saying all the "no input files" are here just to show that the parser gives up, but the linker keeps going when an error is found.

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