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Warn when using `defined` in a macro definition.

Authored by thakis on Jan 4 2016, 12:38 PM.



As far as I can tell, doing

#define HAVE_FOO_BAR defined(FOO) && defined(BAR)

has undefined behavior per [cpp.cond]p4. In practice, it can have different behavior in gcc and Visual Studio – see the comment in PPExpressions.cpp. So we should warn on this.

One problem is that this also applies to function-like macros. While the example above can be written like

#if defined(FOO) && defined(BAR)
#defined HAVE_FOO 1
#define HAVE_FOO 0

there is no easy way to rewrite a function-like macro like #define FOO(x) (defined __foo_##x && __foo_##x). Function-like macros like this are used in practice, and compilers seem to not have differing behavior in that case. So make this a default-on warning only for object-like macros and an extension warning that only shows up with pedantic for function-like macros. (But it's undefined behavior in both cases.)

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Move this down to the end of the function, after we've checked that we have a syntactically valid defined operator, to avoid duplicate diagnostics on a case like:

#define FOO defined(
#if FOO
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For function-type macros, make the warning only show up with -pedantic

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Thanks for the review!

I tweaked it a bit so that this only warns on function-type macros in
-pedantic mode. That way, the warning can even be used in practice :-)

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Address review comment.

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Also addressed your comment and added a test for that.

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