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Add empty symbols to symtab for skipped symbols

Authored by tberghammer on Nov 10 2015, 3:33 AM.



Add empty symbols to symtab for skipped symbols

LLDB skips several special purpose symbols during symtab parsing (e.g.:
arm/aarch64 mapping symbols) because we don't use them in later stages.
This CL changes the behavior to add an empty symbol to the symtab for
each skipped symbol to preserve the symbol indexes between the symtab in
the object file and LLDBs representation (it is needed because the
relocations are referencing the symbols by index).

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Symbols are the #1 most expensive item memory wise in LLDB right now. We remove many symbols in Mach-O and we set the m_uid of each symbol to the original symbol table index. There is a binary search for a symbol by lldb::user_id_t that is efficient:

Symbol *
Symtab::FindSymbolByID (lldb::user_id_t symbol_uid) const

Mutex::Locker locker (m_mutex);

Symbol *symbol = (Symbol*)::bsearch (&symbol_uid, 
return symbol;


So just make sure to make your symbols have the correct lldb::user_id_t (the original symbol table index) and don't add empty useless symbols.

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I haven't noticed we already store the symbol index. Abandon it in favor of the API you suggested