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[SimplifyCFG] Constant fold a branch implied by it's incoming edge

Authored by reames on Sep 21 2015, 5:34 PM.



The most common use case is when eliminating redundant range checks in an example like the following:
c = a[i+1] + a[i];

For the moment, the implies function only handles a single simple case. I plan to extend this function to handle more complex examples, but I wanted to separate a single transform based on it to make review easy. I'll also be implementing a profile guided version targeted at removing range checks in (a[i] + a[i+1]) as well. That will follow in a later patch.

In terms of code placement/testing, do folks think it would make sense to implement the implies function in InstructionSimplify? You can phrase an implication question as icmpa <= icmpb. Having it in InstSimpify would make it easier to test, but I'm not sure we actually want to start handling complex implications in InstSimplify. Thoughts?

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I think it makes sense to put this in InstructionSimplify for now. If it gets too large we can think of moving it into its own LogicUtils.h file.

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Why not use matchers from PatternMatch.h here? I think that will make the logic a lot more obvious.

I moved the implication logic into SimplifyInstruction and separated that into it's own review ( Once that has gone in, I'll update this review.

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Rebase. Ping. Sanjoy?

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Fix a minor merge problem I hadn't noticed in the last diff.

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lgtm modulo minor nits

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I don't think you need to check PBI->getSuccessor(0) != PBI->getSuccessor(1) -- please verify this, but I think getSinglePredecessor (as opposed to getUniquePredecessor) should return nullptr if you have two branches from the same block to BB.

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Since you're not creating vectors of i1s, I think ConstantInt::getTrue(BB->getContext()) should be sufficient.

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After reading the code, I wasn't sure about this. I saw nothing which made it obvious, so I left the code as is.

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