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[libc++] [test] The long-awaited mass refactor of "test_iterators.h" sentinels [WIP]
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Authored by Quuxplusone on Oct 7 2021, 6:21 PM.


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I did this locally as about ten commits, which might be easier to grok individually; but I'm thinking I should land it as one monolithic commit.
The goals include:

  • Rename sentinel_wrapper to just sentinel, so that now we have e.g. foo_iterator and e.g. sentinel, sized_sentinel. (This required doing some other refactors to get rid of a couple of global types named sentinel.)
  • Where appropriate, use sized_sentinel<It>, instead of using sentinel_wrapper<It>-plus-some-bogus-ad-hoc-operator-overloads.
  • Refactor sentinel and sized_sentinel to more closely resemble the existing foo_iterator archetypes, and to permit creating sentinel<cpp20_input_iterator<int*>> — iterators can be move-only, but sentinels must be copyable.
  • Opportunistically simplify some Ranges tests (but not systematically; just anything I was already touching for other reasons).

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