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Add missing modules/header - stage 1
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Authored by jtsoftware on May 21 2015, 6:15 PM.



This patch adds modules for three files not covered, and adds a file to an existing module that is related.

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Does modularize's module map coverage check catch this?

  • Sean Silva

Modularize catches this. I also forgot to mention that I only added some of the missing files in this patch, to get closer to Sony's version, to facilitate "cherry-picking", hence the "stage 1" in the title. The final (stage 2) will be to add the rest of the missing modules shortly thereafter.

Also, there probably should be a modularize test, but since modularize is in the clang-extra repository, I'll probably have to add the test to the modularize tests, in an other check-in.

Yeah, our own headers should definitely be modularize-clean.

Could someone take a look at this please? Thanks.

Please remove the requires feature checks (see r240720). Other than that this seems like a no-brainer, LGTM.

probinson edited edge metadata.Jan 19 2016, 2:37 PM

Looks like this was never committed?

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