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AMDGPU: Make sure both cc1 and cc1as process -m[no-]code-object-v3

Authored by kzhuravl on Thu, Oct 15, 8:56 AM.

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kzhuravl created this revision.Thu, Oct 15, 8:56 AM
kzhuravl requested review of this revision.Thu, Oct 15, 8:56 AM
yaxunl added inline comments.Thu, Oct 15, 9:19 AM

this does not work if you have multiple options, you may need something like

// Get the last argument of -mwavefrontsize64 or -mno-wavefrontsize64.
  if (auto *WaveArg = Args.getLastArg(options::OPT_mwavefrontsize64,
                                      options::OPT_mno_wavefrontsize64)) {
    if (WaveArg->getOption().getID() == options::OPT_mwavefrontsize64) {
    } else {

Also better extract this part as a function and call it in two places.

scott.linder added inline comments.Thu, Oct 15, 10:05 AM

Going along with Sam's request, can you add a test case for specifying multiple options?

kzhuravl updated this revision to Diff 298417.Thu, Oct 15, 10:39 AM
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