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[LoopRotate] Add support for rotating loops with switch exit
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Authored by nikic on Jan 8 2020, 3:01 PM.



Fixes by supporting loop rotations for loops where the header terminator is a switch rather than a branch. This mainly involves making sure that "multi edges" are handled correctly.

This is currently restricted to the case where there is a unique successor in the loop (a requirement of the transform) and a unique exit target (an artificial limitation to keep things closer to how things were). Unlike with branches, there can be multiple edges to each of those blocks though.

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nikic created this revision.Jan 8 2020, 3:01 PM
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Add tests

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efriedma added inline comments.Jan 9 2020, 5:58 PM

Move the new check out to avoid the extra contains() call?


I'm surprised nobody else has run into this.


This is going to cause non-deterministic code generation.

nikic updated this revision to Diff 237358.Jan 10 2020, 9:15 AM

Extract condition. Use SetVector to avoid non-determinism.

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Probably this is the first time PreserveLCSSA + MergeIdenticalEdges are used together.

Thank you, this looks like a great missed optimization.


I'm missing why not keep the check&exit if Term is a branch and it's unconditional.

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@nikic Is this patch still something that can/should be rebased and landed? (Investigating whether it can fix some issues we're seeing in Firefox related to Rust upgrading to llvm 10)

nikic added a comment.Thu, Nov 19, 9:29 AM

I'm not sure. It might make more sense to make SimplifyCFG be less aggressive about forming switches in this case. Pretty sure that converting if (a == C || B == C2) into a switch is pretty much a strict regression in optimization power, because a lot more passes support branches than switches.